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A break on Long Beach Island means you finally get to relax. Whatever you like to do – be it playing on the the bay, the beach or somewhere in between – you are finally letting go of some everyday stress and enjoying yourself. It is good for your body and good for your soul. But your brain doesn’t really shut off, contrary to popular belief. Instead, it actually starts working on other pressing problems. Your brain is so relaxed, it actually starts contemplating some pretty important beachy issues. Below are some of the most common problems an LBI vacation brain may face and some practical advice.

1.) Beach Dilemmas:
- What do you do if you are snoozing on your stomach and the ice cream person rings the bell? It may be hard to get up and motivate from that position (and because it is vacation you may be taking a well deserved break from those downward facing dogs, which would normally help you get up). If you are on a beach replenishment street, you are in an especially precarious situation. This is a difficult challenge.
– Advice: Seek help from those around you to get icy treats. Say you are crispy, tired and look a little sad. Pretend it is your last day of vacation (even if it is not), and people around you will likely feel sorry for you and will retrieve packaged frozen delights for whatever your heart desires.

- What do you do if you are having a lazy late afternoon on the beach – at about 5:00 pm in Beach Haven Gardens – and you see a sailboat on the horizon. You know they won’t make it through either Barnegat or Beach Haven Inlet in time for even a late happy hour. More importantly (or less, depending on your vantage point), where are the folks onboard going to eat dinner? Can they anchor in the ocean (just kidding, a little) and do they have enough provisions and grog? This is a tricky nautical challenge.
– Advice: There is not much you can do with this one. Unless you see a distress signal, assume sailboats on the horizon know what they are doing and have appropriate rations. Relax and keep enjoying your evening.

2.) Housekeeping Dilemmas:
- There is a 50 percent chance of rain. Does this mean you put your freshly washed clothes on the clothes line (because that is just so picture perfect summer, it is greener, it bakes stains out, and everything smells better)? Or do you use the dryer? This is a you against yourself challenge (unless anyone else in your house cares about housework, but I digress).
— Advice: Unless it is an 85 percent chance of rain or above, I would say put it on the clothes line. A little water never hurt. This is a fixable problem if you mess up.

- You have a lot of sand in your bed. This is a tough one because normally I know you would think that might mean the sheets weren’t clean. But, it might also mean that you’ve had a lot of fun lately. If they make “water beds,” why not “sand beds”? Again, this is probably you against you unless you have a neat roommate.
– Advice: Embrace this as you are having a good time and let it go. You have more important things to do than wash things all day.

3.) Culinary Dilemmas:
- You are drooling for a burger. You know nothing can replicate that summer feeling of grilling a burger on the deck with a cold beer and your family and friends around you with the sound of crashing waves in the background. However, you then start to daydream about either the Nooney Burger from Neptune Market or the Double Holiday Hamburger from Holiday Snack Bar (depending on your location) and you feel paralyzed about how to proceed. This challenge affects a lot of people, so don’t crumble under the pressure!

– Advice: If it is after 4:00 pm and you have provisions for burgers at home – go for it! If not, definitely go get a burger at your favorite place. Otherwise, you are going to get into a dustup with your spouse (hint, hint).

- Your friend invited you to a BBQ at her house. You are supposed to bring a dessert, but instead of baking you decided to bike to the lighthouse and then take a nap on the beach. You now have 30 minutes to shower and make your dessert. What do you do?

– There are a couple ways to go here. One, keep a frozen pie in your freezer at all times. Then pull it out in the afternoon and you are good to go. I like to stock pile Country Corner pies in my freezer. The untrained eye will often think you made this pie. Another great idea is to just grab some blueberries and vanilla ice cream. What could be more summer in New Jersey than blueberries? You explain to the host this is a “very classic local dish.”

4.) Beauty Dilemmas:
- Your hairstylist has warned against the drying effects of the sun. Your hair feels a little dry after a sunny week on LBI, but you love the look of sun-kissed hair. Do you continue not to wear a hat? This is a you against nature challenge.
– Advice: Moisture-rich hair is nice, but if you want some lovely highlights, go with the ultimate compromise – use a visor to protect your face and use some spray-in conditioner. Best of both worlds.

- You want to go to a wedding with a killer tan next weekend but you have weird tan lines. You are not going to beat Mother Nature on this one either.
— Advice: Just forget it. SPF rules.

5.) Transportation Dilemmas:
- Your friend lives just two short blocks away. Do you ride your rusty old bike or find your flip flops to hoof it over? This is another tough one because it depends how many pairs of flip-flops you have and how bad the chain is.

– Advice: Keep your bike chain oiled and keep at least three pairs of flip-flops accessible at all times. Then you can just grab whatever is closest!

- You are feeling very thirsty and want to hear some live music but have already had a beverage (and you can’t find any of your flip flops and you know your chain is completely rusted). This is a you versus the Boulevard challenge.
– Advice: Call the Nardi’s bus!

So you see, it’s not really that your brain shuts off. Instead, it gets to think about all the important things in life for a change.

‘Til next time, keep having fun!

- by Beth Foster deTuro

Beth Foster deTuro believes Long Beach Island is the best little sand bar in the whole world. Passionate about clams on the half shell, sailing on Barnegat Bay and taking long naps on the beach are just a few of her favorite Island activities. When is she not busy staring at the ocean she can be found pulling weeds at her cottage in Harvey Cedars.