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It’s Not Too Late: Treat Yourself to the Lighthouse Film Festival on Sunday

Have you been so busy lately that you’ve hardly had time to sit down much less watch a movie? I’ve still only seen one of the films that was an Oscar nominee for 2012. As a mother of a baby, I’ve often found myself over the past year fantasizing about sitting in a dark room watching something to transport me to another time or place, even if for a little bit.

Well, whether you are chained to your desk all week or changing and endless flow of diapers, here is an idea. Check out the short films at the International Lighthouse Film Festival on Sunday, June 9th. The short films kicked off at the Surf City Volunteer Fire Station on Saturday, and were separated into two 90-minute sections of about a half dozen films in each.

What this means of course is that you can catch six or seven films in one sitting! Suddenly you’ll have something to say the next time someone asks you if you’ve seen any good movies lately instead of giving them a long blank stare. Problem solved!

The short films on Saturday were really impressive. You can find detailed descriptions at, but here’s a quick glimpse from some of Saturday’s films:

- Working Stiff (9 minutes): If you’ve held a job (particularly one you commuted to in the winter via public transportation) you can relate to this one.

- Keeper of the Mountains (25 minutes): Up close and personal look at the life of Elizabeth Hawley who reported Himalayan mountaineering late in her 80s. What a spry, witty and smart woman!

- Top Floor (13 minutes): This is a good one for all you financial types, especially those living in Manhattan. Let’s just say not all is as it appears.

- Possum (16 minutes): Deeply touching film about a couple recovering (or trying to recover) from a miscarriage.

- The Quiet Cult (9 minutes): A dark tale about young girl in 1820 who has to confront a difficult question.

- Beyond Belief (19 minutes): This one you have to see to believe! A funny yet dark tale of a magician, his lover, his wife and his dead rabbits. Yes, really!

On Sunday, there will be three more sections of short films. Of course, by no means limit yourself to the short ones! Tomorrow features a full day of regular length films at Surf City Volunteer Fires Station, LBI Historical Museum in Beach Haven and the Foundation of the Arts & Sciences in Loveladies.
Be sure to check for all the details!

- by Beth Foster deTuro
*Beth Foster deTuro believes Long Beach Island is the best little sand bar in the whole world. Passionate about clams on the half shell, sailing on Barnegat Bay and taking long naps on the beach are just a few of her favorite Island activities. When is she not busy staring at the ocean she can be found pulling weeds at her cottage in Harvey Cedars.